Trip to Rajgarh, HP (22-06-2012)

GD Trip : It was a great trip, enjoyed alot with all members. I was too excited for trip. I wake up at 3:00 am in morning and  get ready for trip. I also told my mom to make rice as order by Sandy. By 4: 30 AM we were started journey  to Rajgarh (Destination). Our first stop was Pinjor Garden, Here we clicked pics and also enjoyed Poha. It was very yummy. After spending some time there, we move on to Rajgarh. And then we reached there by 3:00 PM. That was the best time of trip. Here we could experience actual beauty of nature. We did tracking and capture that movements in camera. And then we all eat mangoes, sitting on rocks, enjoying weather. It was a nice experience and difficult to express. At Last we went to Badu Sahib, nice place. At last we headed towards Ludhiana. Around 3:00 AM we reached to college and most of the day-scholars spent night in hostel, I’m also one of them. Well this trip was adventurous and full of enjoyment.


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